Featherboard Fencing

Our featherboard fencing is one of our most popular fencing styles. The Southwest is known for its high winds, and our fences stand strong where others fail.

We're so confident in the way we plan and install this fence that we have put a 10 year workmanship guarantee on it.


This fence includes, as standard 100mm x 100mm posts, 88mm x 38mm rails, gravel board, 150mm feather board and is finished with a capping rail on top.



​Picket Fencing



Our picket fencing looks great as a main fence or just as a simple garden division. We can provide any finish and pattern; most commonly used are the round top and pointed finishes.


Standard heights are 900mm and 1200mm, but on request we can suit specific requirements.



Overlap Fencing



Our overlap panels are built stronger than your every day shop bought panels. Whether its a full fence or just a repair/replacement, its worth the upgrade.





4 to 1 Fencing


Our 4 to 1 fencing is built using a 110mm board that is seperated by a space to allow air to pass through and a 40mm board. As with all our fencing this style of fence can be custom built to any size or style, we always have the wood in stock and are able to machine it ourselves to suit your requirements. 




We use local timber for all our outdoor wood work. All our wood is hand picked so only the best gets used, when we install our products the quality of both workmanship and materials stand out. 

We take pride in our fencing,  not only does it look good but where others fail, ours stand strong.




Weather in the uk can be pretty unpredictable but we don't let you down, we turn up rain or shine!