Palisade Fencing



Our palisade fencing offers maximum security for any size plot from large industrial estates to private units. Unlike most palisade fencing each piece of steel is one solid piece cold rolled to shape which means it is lighter, stronger and more economical. The manufacturing process is also more environmentally friendly.  All the steel is galvanised including all the nuts and bolts to protect it from the elements. For an additional cost powder coating can be requested from a selected list of colours. 


Our service, quality and price is far better than others on the market.

Typical Construction Schematic


  • Fish plate to which Top and Bottom Rail are fixed using M12 anti-vandal fixings
  • Top Rail to which plates are fixed using bolt or rivet
  • Bottom Rail  to which plates are fixed using a bolt or rivet. 
  • Standard fencing Post 
  • Concrete Foundation