1 Retentions - The client is required to advise us prior to the commencement of works the amount of retention and the period being held.


2 Dayworks - Dayworks will be charged to cover circumstances that are not defined in the attached quotation at a rate of £22.00 per man hour. This may include additional works and/or travelling time. However, we will advise the client as soon as possible should any dayworks become necessary.


3 Fence line - The fence line shall be surveyed and clearly defined on the ground with the client or his representative and include all gateways if required. Deviations from original quote may result in additional costs.


4 Excavations - Our rates assume clear access to both sides of the fence line. All excavations are assumed to be in normal soil or clay, free from obstructions including rock, concrete, roots and footings. Excavations not fitting this description may be charged at the daywork rates above. However, we will advise the client as soon as possible should any dayworks become necessary. Where possible, all arisings will be spread within the property boundary.


5 Water Supply - The client is to provide a water source close to the work site.


6 Electric Supply -  In all cases it is assumed that an electrical point is provided. Where a client is unable to provide this, a generator will be used at the clients cost.


7 Measurement - All work will be subject to re-measurement on completion unless stated as a lump sum. This may result in additional costs to the customer.


8 Credit Limit - New and existing customers may be credit checked. If recommended trading values are below the contract value, then an advance payment/deposit may be required. Payment terms will be 28 days from invoice. Failure by the client to meet this condition will incur interest charges calculated on a daily basis at 5%. Queries on invoices to be raised within 7 days of invoice date. In the event the client withholds payment for any reason what so ever and this is found to be unjustified, then interest will become due as specified above.


9 Quotes - Are valid for 3 months from date of quote.


10 Deposit - A 35% deposit is required upon acceptance of all quotes to secure a date for commencement of work. Although we endeavour to adhere to commencement of work dates, these can sometimes be affected by adverse weather conditions or staffing issues.


11 Cancellation of work - Deposits will only be refunded when notice of cancellation is given in writing by the client a minimum of 14 days prior to the start date of quoted work.


12 Settlement of account - Unless by prior arrangement the balance is due immediately upon completion of work.


13 Underground services - We hold the client responsible for advising us in writing, any presence and location, or possibility, of any services e.g. electric, optic, gas, water or others. We cannot be held liable for any damage to services that the client has not advised us of.


14 Materials on site - Whilst we will normally be responsible for any materials delivered to site, should there be any reason for delay in starting or completing the works which cannot be held as our responsibility, we may deliver the materials to the client’s safe compound and the client becomes liable for any losses or damage. In addition, we invoice the client for these materials for payment within 14 days.


15 Instructions - We cannot carry out work or place an order for materials unless we receive a written instruction and 15% deposit from the client. Please note, we cannot be held responsible for any delays in obtaining materials with long lead times if we are given a late instruction.


16 Guarantees - (non transferable, i.e. guarantee is given to the invoiced customer, not the property)

Workmanship - covers installation only, does not cover the materials used. Your individual guarantees will be stipulated within your quote.

Material Guarantee - only given if stipulated within your quote and only valid if the the manufacturers terms and conditions are adhered to.

Guarantees become void if product failure is due to misuse or lack of proper maintenance.


17 VAT - Value added tax will be added to all quotations or billed rates. 


18 Garden Maintenance Contracts 

  • Agreed monthly payment must be cleared funds in our bank account by the 10th of each month.
  • All monthly payments to be made in advance.
  • If payment is not received, the customer will be notified and given 7 days to bring their account up to date.
  • If the account is not brought up to date within 10 days, the account will be cancelled.
  • Any queries regarding the quality of work should be directed to the Company Office within 7 days.